DURATION: 13 Ep. X 45’



Sometimes we have to do wrong to do what is right.



Based on real events. A hairdresser commits 12 bank robberies, armed with a plastic toy gun, in a desperate attempt to be rid of her personal and financial troubles.



Based on the true story of Dulce Caroço, a Portuguese woman who robbed 12 banks armed with a plastic toy gun, thus becoming known as "The Black Widow” and who, later, was sentenced to 7 years in jail.

Sara Leone (35) is a happily married woman with two children, who owns a hairdressing salon and leads a quiet life. One day she finds Alfredo, her husband, in bed with another woman and her world comes apart, for she also finds out that Alfredo – who was the manager of her salon – robbed her of all her money. Sara is left penniless and cannot stand that situation any longer. At her wits’ end, she then buys a plastic toy gun and robs a bank.

Sara begins to be tracked down by the Police from that very first heist, with Manuel, the Police officer in charge of investigating the robbery, studying the images from the security cameras and devoting himself to tracking down the person who broke with all previously existing methods of robbing banks. Sara works alone and uses several disguises, and this makes her become known as "The Black Widow”.

Sara will be caught once Manuel manages to put together all the pieces of the investigation jigsaw and realizes that she has made some beginner’s mistakes in the process…  

In all, we will see the story of the 12 very creative and action-filled bank robberies that make the backbone of this series and will change Sara’s life forever.


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