About SPi

Our History

SPi, S.A. is an independent production company, affiliated to the SP Television group, dedicated to the development of international projects. It has been celebrating strategic alliances next to foreign production companies in order to identify, together with them, content with international appeal.

Currently, SPi is in the post-production of "Auga Seca”, a six-episode series in co-production with the Galician production company Portocabo. The first screening for the international market was at MIPCOM 2019, Cannes. The series´ premiere is scheduled for January 2020, both in RTP (Portugal) and TVG (Galicia).  It is internationally distributed by UK distributor DCD Rights, which has already pre-sales of the series for territories such as the Netherlands, Finland and Eastern Europe (by the AMC network).

Simultaneously, SPi is also producing the documentary "The Longest Voyage” to mark the five-hundred years of Magellan and Elcano´s circumnavigation trip, along with the Spanish production company La Claqueta, and with confirmed support from RTP, TVE and ETB.

SPi also does work related to brands and branded content, having produced the series "Life Starts Now” for the coffee brand Delta Q, which was broadcasted in FOX Comedy Portugal, as well as in digital media.