Our History

After consolidating the activity in the national market and at a time when the first decade of existence was celebrated by SP Televisão, the creation of SPi aims to develop and deepen two strategic and fundamental business units for the development and growth of SP Televisão Group: The INTERNATIONALIZATION of our activity and the INTEGRATION of brands in contents (Product Placement), presenting as a common denominator the INNOVATION - The reason and the strength of our I.


Why SP-i

The creation of SP-i presents a number of advantages amongst which we highlight:

  • The identification and conclusion of strategic alliances with foreign producers in order to identify contents with potential for sale, production and international distribution;

  • Extensive dedication the Branded Content area, with an impact on the ability to think and implement innovation in this field, to have a deep knowledge of the potential that our content has in communicating brands to their audiences, to maintain a relationship of strong proximity and partnership with our customers - broadcasters and brands;

  • Ability to capitalize on all the experience acquired over the last 11 years in SP Televisão, with a strategic vision in the specific development of its business units.