About SPi

Our history

SPi, S.A is an independent production company, dedicated to the development of international projects, and a pioneer in the Portuguese market concerning productions with and for streaming platforms.

SPi, S.A. is responsible for the first original Portuguese Netflix series -"Glória”- released in 2021, which has placed Portuguese audio-visual production next to the best international productions.

The production company also has in its curriculum the coproduction of "Auga Seca I” (Dry Water) and "Auga Seca II” (in post-production), which first season aired on HBO, RTP (Portugal) and TVG (Spain) as well as the production of a sitcom for Disney, aimed at the Angolan market called "O Bar do Gilmário” (Gilmário´s Bar).

Since 2017 SPi has been developing several fiction series, documentaries and non-scripted content in a coproduction model with Spanish production companies, where we highlight the documentary "A Mais Longa Jornada” (The Longest Voyage), for RTP, TVE and ETB.

SPi has recently concluded the series "Chegar a Casa” (Back Home) broadcasted in RTP and TVG and is finishing a new series called "Vanda” along with Legendary Pictures as well as a series documentary about the visit of Winston Churchill to Madeira.