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VANDA will soon debut at Opto

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VANDA will soon debut at Opto

After being selected for the 72nd edition of the Berlin Film Festival, the series produced by SPi already has a premiere date. It is already on 24 March, on Opto, the streaming platform of SIC, that the viewers will be able to follow the life of Vanda Lopes, role played by the actress Gabriela Barros, a 37 year old woman, mother of two children and with an apparently stable family life. However, her reality changes radically when she discovers that her husband Mário (João Baptista) is cheating on her and stealing the money from the hairdresser. Desperate and without money, one day she decides to dress all in black and put on a blonde wig to rob a bank.

Written by Patrícia Müller, Vanda mixes drama and action, based on the true story of Dulce Caroço, a hairdresser responsible for 12 bank robberies, wielding a plastic gun. Although she was arrested, and sentenced to a seven-year prison term, the events reported earned her the nickname "Black Widow".

The series was recorded between Lisbon and Costa de Caparica, with the support of Almada City Hall. Don't miss the first images of Vanda.

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