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CODEX 632 premieres on the 19th on Globoplay

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CODEX 632 premieres on the 19th on Globoplay

The series CODEX 632, the first co-production between Globoplay and RTP, produced by SPi, was presented on Tuesday 17th in Rio de Janeiro, at Kinoplex Leblon Globoplay.

The event was attended by Paulo Pires and Deborah Secco - the protagonists of the series - as well as Betty Faria and Alexandre Borges. The actors took part in a lively and well-attended press conference, held before the screening of the first episode of the series, in which they were able to emphasise what it was like working together, how the Brazilian actors were so well received and cherished in Portugal and also the challenges they had to face with their characters.

Deborah Secco, who plays Constança de Noronha, emphasised the fact that the public is used to seeing her as a powerful woman, whereas in this series it will be the opposite, as she plays an insecure and fragile character. Betty Faria, who plays Luísa Toscano, said that her challenge was to play a character with Alzheimer's, who "is sometimes here and sometimes there", in a dichotomy between lucidity and the forgetfulness that the disease causes.

The reaction of the audience at the end of the screening was very positive, , including by the Globoplay team, and it was clear that they were enthusiastic about the series and the results it might have on the platform

CODEX 632 premieres on the 19 october on Globoplay in Brazil and Portugal. The first three episodes of the series will be released in the first week, and the rest the following week. 

Inspired by the international bestseller of the same name by José Rodrigues dos Santos, CODEX 632 tackles historical issues, such as the true identity of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of Brazil, as well as cultural and current issues, such as the emerging phenomenon of "cancel culture".

The series premiered on 2 October on RTP and RTP Play.

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