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SP TV Group plays an important role in the Venice TV Award

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SP TV Group plays an important role in the Venice TV Award

Pedro Lopes is this year a member of the panel of international judges for the annual Venice TV Award. SP Televisão's General Director of Content believes that this invitation "is a consequence of the visibility that our production company and our fiction has been gaining in the foreign market,’ he begins, adding: ‘We have been able to interest the main national channels and platforms, but also international platforms such as Netflix, Max, Prime Vide, Hulu or Globoplay. Series such as VandaGlória or CODEX 632 have been exemplary, establishing the name of SP Televisão and SPi as one of the highest quality content creation groups on the Iberian Peninsula."

"Portuguese production has been gaining international relevance, as have some professionals who have gained visibility with some works of fiction, which have had the ability to travel the world, making our stories known, but also the quality of our audiovisual industry", says Pedro Lopes who, two weeks after the Venice Film Festival 2024, which will take place from 28 August to 7 September, will join the panel of international judges in that Italian city, with the inspiring task of awarding the best work created on television since January 2023. Entries are open until 28 June.

Based on the premise that the world's best television work deserves to be honoured, the Venice TV Award was launched as a tribute to and celebration of this sector, increasing national and international recognition for both producers and broadcasters who create high-quality products. The Venice TV Award is a symbol of unity and collaboration in the television sector and, as such, gold trophies and nominations will be awarded in 19 categories. The winners will be announced in September.

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