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SPi wins award at Conecta Fiction & Entertainment 2024

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SPi wins award at Conecta Fiction & Entertainment 2024

We're thrilled to announce that SPI has won the TV Drama Vision Goteborg award with the project "The Sleeping Cell" at Conecta Fiction & Entertainment 2024 in Toledo.

Adapted from the book of the same name by Nuno Nepomuceno, this 8-episode thriller/political espionage series was one of 10 projects selected from over 200 submissions. The story portrays a conspiracy involving terrorist attacks carried out by an Islamic sleeper cell based in Lisbon and the mysterious death of the Portuguese Prime Minister. At the center of the investigation are Professor Afonso Catalão and journalist Diana Silva, who will do anything to uncover the truth. He, the only one capable of accessing the terrorist cell, hides a past full of obscure connections to the Arab world. She, a rising journalist, linked to power, who will do anything to find out who killed the politician. Two investigations, two characters who will have to learn to trust each other.

The presentation was led by screenwriter Miguel Simal, who collaborated on the script alongside Nepomuceno, and Manuel Claro. This pitch, full of tension and mystery, stood out for its narrative depth and political relevance.

The TV Drama Vision Göteborg Award is a prestigious prize awarded during the Conecta Film Festival, an event that celebrates excellence and innovation in film and television productions worldwide. Specifically, this award is a collaboration with the Göteborg Film Festival, one of Scandinavia's largest and most influential film festivals, recognizing TV projects with significant potential in dramatic storytelling and production.

"The TV Drama Vision Göteborg Award is a tribute that highlights productions that exemplify exceptional quality in storytelling and execution in the TV drama genre," explains the Conecta Film Festival Committee. "It's a unique opportunity to boost projects that capture the imagination and attention of global audiences."

"The Sleeping Cell" stood out for its engaging story and high quality, characteristics that reflect SPI's commitment to producing content of cultural relevance and impact. This international recognition underlines SPI's creative and technical capacity, reaffirming the talent and innovation of the Portuguese audiovisual industry.